Commonly used thin paper for Inner pages and thicker for Cover.
The size, color, thickness of the paper and technological additions (UV varnishing, cutting) can be freely chosen.

 - Possible cover with a flap or flap on the insides.
 - Pinned by two staples
 - Minimum size 85 x 120 mm
 - The maximum size 340x380 mm

  • Internal pages (A, B) - Press release prepared by the desired size of B, left (even) and right A (odd) pages, the format of all sides of an increment of 5 mm overlap trimming. Number of internal pages must share at least a 4 or 8, 16.
  • Cover - for Press release prepare files as evolvent of final pages size, plus 5 mm for bleeds at edges for trimming, indicate the bending lines if needed flaps.