Notebooks are available in different sizes:
- small advertisement with your logo,
- large desk pads.

Various structures:
- without cover;
- soft or hard cover;
- spiral bound;
- one side sticked etc.

Commonly used thin paper for inner pages with  one-sided or double sided printing.
Cover paper is under your choice: with one-sided or double-sided printing, technological additions (UV varnishing, gravure, etc.)

A standard format for notebooks sizes:
A2 - 596x420 mm
A3 - 420x297 mm
A4 - 210x297 mm
1 / 3 A4 - 210x97 mm
A5 - 148x210 mm
A6 - 105x148 mm

B used in printing formats:
B2 - 490x700 mm
B3 - 350x490 mm
B4 - 243x350 mm
B5 - 175x243 mm
B6 - 120x175 mm
B7 - 85x120 mm

For Press release prepare files as for final page size, plus 2 mm bleeds at edges for trimming.