Hard cover can be bold, padded, laminated, UV varnish, etc.
Spine can be rounded N1 or rectangular N2.

The inside page color, paper thickness, gloss are optional.

  • Internal pages (A, B) - Press release prepared by the desired size of B, left (even) and right A (odd) pages, the format of all sides of an increment of 5 mm overlap trimming. Number of internal pages must share at least a 4 or 8, 16.
  • Hard Cover - for Press release prepare files as evolvent of final pages size allowing the spine stir C1 (back thickness is calculated by knowing the number of pages and the paper used). The viewing area of Hard Cover C2 increases of 4 mm in all directions, but the overall format of all sides of C3 added more of 15 mm overlap, as well indicate the marked lines to provide the back bend.