Glued / Glued-sewed

For Glued and Glued-sewed books commonly used thin paper pages and thicker for Cover.
The size, color, thickness of the paper and technological additions (UV varnishing, cutting) can be freely chosen.

 - Possible cover with a flap or flap on the insides.
 - Spine width can be from 1 mm to 50 mm.
 - Minimum size 100 x 125 mm
 - The maximum size 320 x 320 mm

  • Internal pages (A, B) - Press release prepared by the desired size of B, left (even) and right A (odd) pages, the format of all sides of an increment of 5 mm overlap trimming. Number of internal pages must share at least a 2 or 4, 8, 16. (In Glued -sewn case - the internal pages have a share of at least 4 or 8, 16)
  • Cover - for Press release prepare files as evolvent of final page size while adding the back thickness C1 (back thickness calculated by knowing the number of pages and the paper used), plus 5 mm for bleeds at edges for trimming, indicate the bending lines if needed flaps.